Lake Eyre and Outback Flights and Tours

Located in the middle of the outback, the Lake Eyre basin covers around 17% of Australia. It is the world’s largest internally draining system and fifth largest terminal lake in the world!Lake Eyre is not known for being full of water often, however this year we may be lucky enough to witness such an event. After inundation last year as a result of the Queensland floods and above average local rainfall for the year, Lake Eyre is once again filling.The Cooper Creek is flowing over the Innamincka causeway, with further waters from the early 2012 rains in QLD and NSW are expected to filter their way into the Lake Eyre system during the year.Goin’ Off Safaris Lake Eyre and Outback Safaris tour the very best parts of the state, as we visit iconic outback towns such as:

  • Innamincka: home of the renowned Innamincka Hotel.
  • The Dig Tree: from Burke and Wills’ historic ill-fated crossing of Australia
  • Birdsville: headquarters for the famous Birsdville races!
  • William Creek: one of the smallest towns in the country, with a resident population of just 10 people!
  • Coober Pedy: The wild western, underground township with a fascinating history of opal mining.

A tour of Lake Eyre is an experience not to be missed. One of the best ways to spend the weekend is to see this amazing natural spectacle is on a flight tour in the Metro II Fairchild. Unlike other planes in use for Lake Eyre charters, the Fairchild is quiet and spacious, allowing each person to have a window seat for the very best view and minimizing ear pressurizing problems. With 2 pilots and a knowledgeable and experienced guide on board to entertain, you are in very good hands.

Imagine flying over some of the most secluded and picturesque parts of this amazing country, including:

  •      The Flinders Ranges
  •      Wilpena Pound
  •      Moomba gas field
  •      Goyders Lagoon
  •      Coongie Lakes
  •      Cooper Creek
  •      Warburton Groove
  •      Leigh Creek
  •      Lake Eyre!

Then complete the trip flying back to Adelaide via Port Augusta and the Spencer Gulf. All this coupled with amazing food and great company, is there really a better way to spend the weekend? Join the friendly characters from Goin’ Off Safaris on a truly unique adventure that will leave you being the envy of all of your friends!

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If you’re interested, the following three books are a great read and offer an excellent insight into early exploration of the area.

- The Dig Tree by Sarah Murgatroyd: This is the story of Burke and Wills ill-fated expedition from Melbourne to the Timor sea.

- Mr Stuart’s Track by John Bailey: A fascinating study of John McDouall Stuart’s expeditions and endurance as he was the first white man to cross the continent from north to south.

- Rockstar by Kristin Weidenbach: The story of geologist Reg Sprigg, who discovered mineral resources (uranium and gas) in South Australia, and eventually established the Arkaroola Wildlife Sanctuary.